Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

VSK corrugated sidewall conveyor belt available with steel cord or fabric reinforced based belt, different hieght of corrugated sidewalls and types of hot vulcanised rubber cleats, meet various of industrial applications, such as power plants, iron and steel metallurgy plants, mining, crushing, quarry, harbor ...

Base Belt

Width range: 500~2400mm

Cross rigid : XE or XE-SC

Cover compound:

Wear resistant(according to DIN 22102, DIN-Y, W, X);

Heat Resistant(according to GB/T33510-2017/ISO4195:2012);

Fire retardant(according to EN14973, DIN-K, S, FRAS),

Oil-Grease resistant(according to HG/T 3714-2003, DIN22102 G, MOR, OR, COR ),

And other special character cobination comound available by request.


VSK sidewall use high quality of elstomer compound to make sure durability during runing through pulley and curving in high speed. For sidewall height below 120mm, VSK moulded sidewall are strong enough to support the material free from spillage. while the sidewall height over 120mm, special designed twill EP canvas as reinforcement material will be used to ensure the strenth always sufficient for various applications.



Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Hot vulcanized sidewall and cleats

0~90 degrees conveying angle.

Free of material Spillage issue.

Cross rigid stablized base belt.

Hot vulcanized sidewall and cleats.

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